Claude Venard is a French artist-painter been born on March 21st, 1913 in Paris died in 1999.

Post-Cubist painter since 1953 he realized numerous exhibitions in France but also in many European countries and in the United States. Remained faithful to a post-Cubist composition of his pictorial space he gradually stressed the chromantisme of his pallet up to the most raw tones always used in a rich and smooth material. His works are exposed in particular to Tate Gallery of London, to Whitney Museum of New York and to the Museum of Modern Art of Paris Tate Gallery, London – Museum of Montreal – Museum Düsseldorf Musée de San-Paolo – Museum of Mexico(Mexico City) – Museum of Palm Spring Musée of Basel – Museum München – Museum of Tokyo Musée of Buenos Aires – Museum of Dallas…

” Claude Venard’s pallet, it is the prism which he knows sometimes how to reduce in the shade, the soft shade of grey by whom the cantons of sensational colors harmonize, are bound without bringing into conflict either to become confused. It is led by the poetry that, formerly, I found the way of certain workshops. I found the poetry in Claude Venard’s workshop “. André Salmon


VENARD – Le port – HST – 65×81 cm

VENARD – Moulin à café – HST – 100×100 cm

VENARD – L’oeuf à la mappemonde – HST – 119×146 cm