Born in 1947 in Port-de-Bouc, in Provence, sculptor in his early artistic stages in southeast of France, Georges Coulomb discovers the paint in 1970 and becomes an ambassador of the Provençal school, he carries in him the brilliant imprint of Provence.

With a unique style, he translates in his paintings, the exuberance of the colors of Provence. His still lives, his navies, his landscapes are literally irradiated by the intensity of the light he propagates. There is a joyful magnetism in this work where the sheaves of color magnetize, captivate, liven up the senses.

Georges Coulomb throws by to dishes, stretches by masses the colors of his pallet. His practice taking away him from a work on sketch, he paints in the ink of his memory. In his moose, the painter reconstitutes the reality in his own way and carries a new look to the world.

COULOMB Petit-mas
HST – 89×116 cm – 50f

COULOMB Poissons et fruits de mer
HST – 73×92 cm – 30f

COULOMB Lavande au Mont Ventoux
HST – 73×92 cm – 30f