Hadrien DAVID

Born in 1981 in London, Hadrien David grows up in a family circle favorable to the deployment of his artistic sensibility and develops very early the appeal for the animal sculpture, through contact with his father, who will be his first master, the animal sculptor José-Maria David.

His vocation was born, he will follow the Sylvie Lejeune’s direct cut course at the School of Fine Arts of La Glacière (Paris 13 district) and will study the drawing with Philippe Comar at the National School of the Fine arts(School of Fine Arts) of Paris. Mastering the technical expertise, Hadrien David asserts his own style and give free rein to a whim and to a personal humor  presents in decorative objects where the ornamentation is essential of the object.

The animal embodiment is translated at his home by a work of the relief such as it seems that the artist, gives body to its bronzes in a gush of lively, muscular strengths. Hadrien David’s sensibility, innervates its creatures, clears them of some gangue of the inanimate forms and breathes at the heart of the bronze, the spark of the movement, the vital energy giving to patina the brightness of the essential light.

“I want that the movement of my animals is in itself the expression of their language and their interiority. The route of their thought has to be translated through the way which they trace in the space. The animal is a prince. The vitality of its body embodies the enjoyment of the golden age and the innocence, and the sculpture which represents has to him give us the surplus of strengths and happiness that he release naturally of him. ” Hadrien David

DAVID – Le prince de la nuit – Fonderie CHAPON –  H34/44 cm –  L65/72 cm

DAVID – La Bienvenue – Bronze – 25x28x40 cm

DAVID – A la buvette – Bronze n°7/8 – H23x40x22 cm