Born in 1946 in Lyon, Cottavoz nephew , Jacques Ostapoff joins the movement of the School of Lyon (école lyonnaise) and printing it his personal dough in the style of a claw.

Ostapoff began to paint in 35 years. His(her,its) first exhibition(exposure) in 1983 in the hotel Roosvelt in Lyon.

” Ostapoff paints the day in the natural light in a room filled with brightness. A painting will be soft, violent, opulante, generous but the dream will always be the drive of this painting and somewhere is reborn the painter … ” The Small Louvre, in Pacaudière.

The work hypnotizes the look and welcomes it. The paint of Ostapoff offers the freedom to give way to a multitude of fluid, lively and essential impressions.

OSTAPOFF – Marine – 73×92 cm

OSTAPOFF – Le Gange – 89×130 cm

OSTAPOFF – Venise la belle – 54×65 cm