Born in 1939 in Salon de Provence, Pierre Cayol met Marcel Féguide in 1956 and made his debut in painting at the Arts Décoratifs de Grenoble. He complete his training with esthetic courses for Applied Arts in Paris before following in the capital , the prices of Beaux -Arts and the Académie Julian. In 1987 he traveled to Arizona United States and New Mexico have contacted the Navajos and Apaches . Pierre Cayol is a traveler between two worlds. He participated in group exhibitions . He is an associate of the Salon of French Artists Society and the Salon d’Automne in Paris. The sand on the artist’s palette , mixes with paint and brush that extends the hand , leaves its mark on the skin texture of Mother Earth .

Painter beyond the borders, Cayol signs a work the brilliance of which exceeds the France borders (Switzerland(Swiss), Italy, the United States, Japan, Korea.).


CAYOL – Nus d’ivresse –  Technique mixte sur toile – 120×120 cm

CAYOL – Le roi de coeur – Huile et collage sur papier fort – 63×47 cm

CAYOL – Grains d’ombre – Acrylique sur toile – 100x81cm