Born in Paris in 1936,  he stays hidden during the war with his mother, immigrant Russian Jew, as well as ” with the family of his mother whose name he adopted. This Slavic and Semitic atmosphere marked him profoundly. He does not stop looking for it and retranscribing it through his paintings. Although been born in France, he feels pouring Russia into his veins. Russia which he has never known otherwise in the breath, in the dreams, in the memory of a mother. Raya is, as we say, ” a person born in the profession “.

At the age of twelve, he leaves the school and, hardly fourteen-year-old, provided with a small pad to drawing, he goes on roads as a nomad. He sleeps under the stars. Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East he goes everywhere, drawing or painting. Later he buys a caravan to pursue his journeys. Along his wandering life which lasts about twenty years, he scatters in the world his numerous paintings, he marries four women whose seven girls he has.

Raya Sorkine puts the visitor faced to a real pictorial fireworks. We have a painter of the enjoyment, love there which marks its heredity. He is the heir of one of the richest revolutions of the art history, having known the classicism, the impressionism and the neo-, the explosion of the modern art and his multiple schools, Cézanne, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.

He paints the night by listening to “his music” (Cosmic or religious). His paint is profoundly Slavic and profoundly Jew.

RAYA SORKINE – Lithographie – 19×14,5 cm

RAYA Sorkine

RAYA – La palette enchantée – HST – 55×46 cm

RAYA SORKINE – Les maries au bouquet rouge – 30×30 cm

RAYA SORKINE – Le violon jaune – HST – 30×30 cm

RAYA SORKINE – Le couple au coq – HST – 30×30 cm

RAYA – Le message –  HST – 70×70 cm