Yves DE MARE, born in Paris in 1924, draws and paints since he was a child. He traveled a lot in France, as well as in Italy, spain, China and the Netherlands. He paints from life where ever he goes. He draws depending on the sky brightness, finding sometimes the sharpness of the crispy sunlight or mystery of a foggy day.

He uses wet paper to spread the colors and create the « atmosphere ». The more structured lines come to life later, with more or less vigor. Then emerges the topics and the artist chose between reality’s accuracy

and necessity to exercise the imagination, to sketch it.

Exhibiting since 1958 in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Nantes, Rennes, Cannes, now also exhibited in Brazil, Switzerland and the United States. In 1980 he received the gold medal at the « salon des Artistes Français » fair ; in 1983 his book « Rivage de Manche » was awarded the prize of the naval Academy.

La plage privée du petit mont

Les ponts de East River

Quai de New York

Le cour de la Reine

La rue Royale - Paris

Campagne de Rasteau

L'Automne au bois de Boulogne

Le Belem